Why join a forum?

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No matter what you are interested in, you can almost guarantee that somewhere out there online there is a community talking about just that. That’s the beauty of the internet you see, you can be connected with people that you never even knew existed and more relationships can be created as a result. Forums are a great place to find out new facts, ask for help on a topic or just have general chat with other like minded people and usually all it takes to find the perfect site is a simple google search eg.”Apple forum” for those of you that are Apple fans out there (and we know there’s a lot of them). You can find a huge range of genres available from general music forums to more specific process industry forums for example for those who work in a niche area.

So what are the benefits of joining a forum?

  • You can meet new people with similar interests
  • You have access to a wider number of opinions and pool of knowledge as you can communicate with people from across the globe
  • You can build up a reputation for yourself as a well trusted topic expert – if you have a business this can be particularly useful
  • There may be potential business partnerships available on forums where people are asking for help or recommendations
  • Can increase traffic to your site
  • You can create back links to your website
  • Questions are likely to be answered quickly and without bias
  • You will have access to competitions that you may otherwise not know about

Where do I start?

If you’re thinking of joining a forum, the best place to look is on Google, do a search and see what results come up, you may need to broaden your search a little if you are being too specific. Once you have fund one that sounds suitable, have a rake around on the site, finds out what people are chatting about and see if this looks interesting or helpful to you. When you come to adding your account, be sure to introduce yourself on the welcome page. People tend to trust people on forums who are quite regular contributors so don’t be afraid to get involved with a few conversations at once.


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