Useful and Unusual Novelty Gadgets for the Home

Having the ultimate home isn’t all about spending gigantic sums of money, fancy decorations, ten-car garages and statues in the driveway; a lot of the time a house can be made into the most in-demand home on the street, just because of some of the gadgets you own.

We’re all really into our technology these days, either in the form of the latest must-have smartphone, the biggest television on the market, or a kitchen appliance that does all kinds of amazing things with food. For whatever reason, we just have to have it. Maybe it’s because we don’t want to be left behind, or perhaps it’s that they genuinely appeal to us for practical reasons.

However, if everyone does have it, it’s hardly going to make your home different from the one next door. You’re hardly going to go out and buy some ‘old’ or ‘vintage’ technology as a talking point, so you need to think outside the box – and the same is true when you look to give someone an unusual gift. If they’re a tech fan like you, the chances are that they’ve already got some of the newest gadgets and gizmos, so you need a plan B.


Go Wireless

When a lot of devices were first released, they came with cables that connected them to the main device. For example, remember the old video recorder – the VCR? That came with a remote control on a cable, as did some of the first games consoles. Today, however, it’s all wireless. Okay, some games consoles still need you to connect the controller at some point, to charge it for instance, but you can play for hours from all over the room.

Now it seems as though nearly every device is wireless. You can have a wireless keyboard and mouse for your computer, (you might be using them right now), and you might print this article using a wireless printer.


Light It Up

Lighting is important in a home for a variety of reasons. It either sets the mood for your romantic evening in together, creating an atmosphere for the movie, or perhaps it simply lets you avoid bumping into the coffee table in the dark! Whatever your reason for looking at lighting may be, there is always a bit of a novelty option for the gadget lover.

A liquid laser light show can transform any room into a nightclub for your parties at home, or even project stars onto the ceiling for a bit of mood lighting to wow your friends.


Just Too Cool

Fridges might not be regarded as the the coolest thing in the home, (excuse the pun), but they can be, with the right fridge magnet. We’ve all done it as kids surely, spelling out words on the fridge door, but a tablet computer fridge magnet takes coolness to a new level. You can hold your tablet, be it an iPad, Kindle Fire HD or other form, on the fridge enabling you to look up recipes or have ‘FaceTime’ while you’re in the kitchen making the dinner.

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