Thought paging was a thing of the past? Think again!

Whilst many analysts predicted that the advent and integration of SMS messages within mobile telephony would sound the death knell to the paging industry, there is life within this sector yet. No matter how you wish to communicate, there is likely to be a paging application to suit your needs.

Paging in the iPhone age
One of the first issues that people see with a paging system in the second decade of the 21st century is that there already exists a system within most people’s mobile phones which does this job more than adequately well. Whether used to communicate messages, alerts or other vital communications, most people rely on their mobile phones to get their urgent messages.

There is however a very good reason why establishments such as hospitals, restaurants, businesses with large warehouses and many others are looking increasingly to use pager systems to communicate. Some in fact have never left paging and never look likely to leave it behind.


Within healthcare
Use of pagers within a healthcare situation such as a hospital is ingrained into the culture of these establishments. In addition to the traditional use of a pager to summon doctors to emergency situations where their expertise is required immediately, many hospitals are using pagers in innovative and interesting ways.

One of the biggest bugbears for patients when they need to visit a hospital is the often indeterminate wait to be seen, especially if they have cause to visit accident and emergency. Many hospitals are now providing patients with a pager when they arrive at the reception desk, which allows them to roam around the premises whilst they wait to be seen, rather than stewing in the waiting area.

Use of pagers in this way reduces the need for patients to be called via a public address system or having their names displayed on a screen in reception, therefore increasing patient confidentiality and reducing potential security issues. Similarly, they do not have the signal interference issue that mobile phones present to hospital equipment.

Pagers are also often used in hospitals to set up a wireless call system for nurses, allowing them to be called to their patients in the event of an emergency.

Using pagers in restaurants
Many busy restaurants are now utilising pager technology to help assign customers to tables. This is especially popular in larger restaurants with bar areas. Providing customers with the freedom to take a seat and relax whilst they wait for their table to become vacant also gives them the opportunity to buy a drink or two at the bar at the same time.

Giving customers pagers when they arrive if there is not a vacant table also creates a better impression when people enter the premises. Instead of being confronted with a line of people waiting at the door, they see a group of people enjoying a drink, putting a nice spin on the waiting time!
Whilst pager systems are not as ubiquitous as they once were, within both the healthcare and restaurant industry, they are here to stay.


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