The Top 10 Most Beautifully Unique Websites

The Top 10 Most Beautifully Unique WebsitesBeautiful websites are a powerful thing. They’re immersive, striking, and just pleasing to look at. Here is a list of the top 10 most beautifully unique websites, and hopefully you’ll agree!


Sagacify is a mobile strategy website based in Belgium. Their aptitude for design definitely shows through in the very basic color palette that still manages to hold your interest, along with the responsive design.


One of many minimalist entries on this list, Demand Equal Pay takes inequality to an entirely different level– by literally making all of the content on the site unequal. The content, the title, and just about everything else begins perfectly aligned, but as you scroll becomes off-center and mis-matched. The misaligned aspects of the page are both grating from an obsessive-compulsive standpoint and aesthetically pleasing, which is quite hard to comprehend. It’s quite interesting, and makes you want to straighten out both the literal inequality and the actual issue of unequal pay.


Zaarly is a website that displays pages for local businesses worldwide. It made the list because of the minimal page elements that manage to be varied, yet unified in a sense– plenty of whitespace, with sectioned-off topics that keep things interesting. And because there’s chocolate cake. We love cake.


We Are Anonymous is a digital production company based in Paris (not to be confused with the Internet activism/vigilantism group of the same name.) The site is beautifully simple and keeps a mysterious feeling going, from a portfolio made of shady silhouettes to a site masthead that is shrouded in darkness while revealing a little beauty.


G’Nosh is apparently a UK-based small business that makes dips for chips. The website itself is minimal and busy at the same time, with carefully arranged elements that provoke quite a bit of hunger in the viewer (or maybe that’s just us.) The site feels very earthy, very appealing, with warm and muted colors all over.


Black Negative’s website pulls you in, especially since it requires active participation to explore (dragging). Colors are muted, dark and light, contrasting nicely.

Both the message and the interactive design are something we can get behind. The site has a great deal of little details put into it, from adjusting wheels to the About page (which isn’t really a page at all, we suppose.) The color scheme is reminiscent of a children’s book, in a good way, which makes the site’s message all the more impacting.


Basic, simple, black. We’re a sucker for websites that accomplish these three, and Anna Safroncik is it. At first we weren’t sure what was being sold (perfume? dance lessons? Oh wait, it’s an actress’s personal website) but the site is simply beautiful.


If you’ve ever longed to take a long distance trip without ever leaving your seat, 360 Langstrasse is definitely the way. The site is almost whimsical, taking you for a Google Maps-based stroll down a rather cozy street in Deutschland with little interferences that are actually quite pleasant.


Even the loading screen is intricate! 2Advanced’s design is very imaginative and bold. Dark is matched with neon and a touch of Flash. You don’t even need a decent internet package to load something this interactive, surprisingly.

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