Social Media Marketing and the Factor of Plagiarism

Software DeveloperWith the advent of internet and ultimately easy access, the world has experienced a massive change. Information is readily available and is literally flooding everywhere. Analysis of this change being good or bad has given out multiple results depending on the perspective. The invention of social media has redefined the ways of interaction among masses. This social media has provided an enormous platform to marketing bigwigs to advertise and market their brands. Now with such a huge market it is very conveniently possible that the marketing strategies of a company may be copied either by mistake (which is very rare) or intentionally. However, mostly it goes unnoticed, despite being strictly illegal, by the masses. This why there is always a need of some tool that should have been made to catch the plagiarism and that can be a plagiarism detector.

This also makes those social networking sites prone to legal complications. Besides that, this constant habit of copying or cheating has majorly affected the creative abilities of writers. Even worse, the market has become difficult for authentic publishing, SEO Writing and creative writing. This issue has been largely coped with inventions of plagiarism detection software applications. Previously, this kind of plagiarism was not possible largely because the only source of marketing on big scale were television sets and newspaper. But on internet multiple social sites such as Facebook, twitter, Google+ have made it easier to hide that plagiarized content under the covers. Moreover, with information flooding around from everywhere people are more concerned about the content of the marketed brand rather than its originality. Also this kind of marketing is very cost effective and generates greater and rapid response in smaller period of time. But then nothing beats originality and originality can be obtained with the help of plagiarism checker.

Therefore, the social media sites that are specifically concerned with the originality of content are the ones that are mostly relied by the masses. Still the problem persists and there is a little that could be done to completely eradicate it from the virtual world. However, the web site developers can lessen the probability of publishing the plagiarized content by following a set of guidelines.

  • Have an eye for all the new marketing strategies that are being launched constantly.
  • Look out for similarities in them and analyze the probability of plagiarism.
  • Have access to reliable plagiarism detector.
  • Encourage creative writers to come up with original content and aware them about the consequences of plagiarism.


Copying or stealing of others’ ideas is actually unethical. Besides it adversely affects the creativity and its worth. So it majorly becomes the job of the content analyzer to make sure that plagiarized content do not get published on their networking sites. Besides advertising agencies are also liable to come up with something original as this is what they are being paid for. Still, social marketing plagiarism exists largely on internet sites and is unfortunately becoming acceptable.

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