In a Nutshell: What is NBN Exactly?

Small businesses today are doing a lot of things to survive in the industry which include constantly asking their customers to pay for overdue payments, juggling tax deadlines and getting the work done in just a short period of time. With all of these things, business owners do not have much time to be updated with the latest ‘cloud accounting services’ or to know about the benefits of using the social media and Google Adwords.

NBN for business

Therefore, it is not very surprising to know that almost four out of ten business owners in Australia, according to Roy Morgan’s survey last month, are not expecting anything from the NBN. Well, who can’t blame them? With all the difficulties being faced by SMBs, the NBN might not be on top of the list since most of the potential benefits have been overlooked.

However, that is not the only reason why most business owners disregard the advantages of the NBN. To know more about NBN and what it can do to your business, you can go online and check out the information about the company, which include its 2 pages PDF with points that list all its benefits.

NBN is an open-access data network that is under development in Australia. It provides fibre broadband connections sold to retail service providers who will then sell Internet access to consumers. It is one of the most prized connections that help small business owners in Australia today.

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Major NBN providers:

  • iInet
  • Macquarie Telecom
  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • Internode

Reasons Why Most Business Owners Ignore NBN

One of reasons why most small business owners disregard NBN is because of the harsh criticism from the Federal Government’s performance in fostering climate of ‘business growth’ where NBN got “most skepticism” despite the fact that Roy Morgan’s press release (at the moment taken down) suggests that NBN’s attitude might connect to a general ‘small business’ opinion of the ‘Federal Government’.

There are also some reports about the NBN construction, but it would still take years before a lot of business owners can actually connect to the said network. Some say that Tasmania might be the first ‘state’ in Australia to fully connect to NBN in “mid-2015”. But until business owners are really able to connect to NBN, it is just a ‘theory’ for lots of people.

It is still a mystery why most business owners in Australia do not take time looking through NBN’s capabilities to enhance business performance. It is a great help to anyone who is just starting and have started business by selling online. Some examples also include and Shoes and Prey. The market online is very wide. When you do not plan to take your business to a whole new level, then you will definitely find any relevance in NBN.

Australian ComputerWorld ( says:

Small businesses don’t see benefit in NBN: report

Benefit of NBN for Small Business Owners

There are a lot of benefits from using NBN for small businesses out there. Here are some of them:

– Obviously, it is not about the download speed that matters, but it is about being able to run several services on the Internet and being able to connect properly. Some people often have a hard time browsing on the Internet because it was not that fast, especially when doing a lot of things all at the ‘same time. But with NBN, Business owners will be able to maintain a decent quality of telephone calls via VOIP services while being able to upload files all at the ‘same time.


– NBN is capable of providing users with fast upload speed. Like what is being said earlier, download speed is considered just one aspect that most business owners should consider. However, upload speed matters most, especially when trying to send large files on the Internet using Dropbox. It will also benefit users who are trying to talk with multiple people through video conferencing.

– Another great benefit of using NBN is that business owners can have a lot of reliable ‘VOIP’ telephone lines that are running their businesses using an Internet. That is something that most business owners should consider to get the best form of reliability online. In fact, last year, NBN has announced that they will have a special high priority level of traffic for all business services.

– Internet connection nowadays are not that great. And since not everybody can get a reliable broadband today, NBN is one of the best providers to look out for. NBN is dedicated to providing a reliable broadband service to all business owners all throughout the region of Australia.

– NBN also have business plans that are generally faster without costing a lot of money compared to DSL based business broadband services. The prices may vary according to the provider and the plan which users are entitled to. That being said, if a business is small and the owner wants an Internet plan now, NBN plans will provide him with the best Internet service for a lesser price. The service is something that even outwits DSL services, including SHDSL and bonded DSL.

VOIP and video conferencing are some of the most important things owners need for their small business. They can use these to maintain and keep their customers coming without delays in any transactions.

These things may be a priority for business or it might not. Whatever it may be is another question for all small businesses as surveyed by ‘Roy Morgan’.

Whatever opinion business owners may have about NBN, the biggest advice for the business is that it can be of great help to anyone who plans to sell a product or services online. NBN is capable of bringing business to a whole new level, especially when it ‘comes to the Internet.

Brad Howard stressed out in an article in an NBN eBook, whether or ‘not’ there is NBN, it is important for business owners to think highly of the Internet and how it can be of great help to a business.

Simply think about the rewards of being able to sell to lots of people on the Internet and being able to generate lots of potential income. These are the things owners can do for their business to grow, even if it is just small.

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