How Using Social Media Networks Can Help You Land That High Flying Job

If you are intending to move on in your career and apply for a job at the next level, you need to adjust your approach accordingly.

With every step you take along your career path, so a slightly fresh strategy is required because the higher you go, the more you need to know.

No, correction; it’s the people you know rather than what you know that will help you move up the rungs of that career ladder. This has always been an adage that is true to its words and here’s why.

Firstly, your CV might be exceptional in many ways – you’ve done the time, worked at a number of high-flying companies, have the experience, done the training, and got an armful of qualifications. That’s all fantastic. But they alone won’t land you that new better-paid job.

It’s knowing someone on the inside that will clinch it. This is where having a good presence on social media networks is especially useful. So check out your Facebook connections and LinkedIn contact list. See what jobs may be mentioned or if anyone is talking about upcoming opportunities at their place of employment. The slightest snippet of information could lead you to some surprising results.

And it’s not as if you have to know anyone well. In fact it’s better if they are not good friends or acquaintances. In fact it can be a contact of a contact of a contact. It doesn’t matter how tenuous the connection. The mere fact you know someone who knows someone is often good enough. A word here, a probe there, it can all be fruitful. And remember, people like to help and will usually do what they can to send a recommendation or good word.

Secondly, it’s imperative that you follow up any leads you get. It’s absolutely no good waiting for people to get back to you or make the first move. And don’t rely solely on sending email messages or online chats. Use the phone, make real verbal contact. You need to let people know you exist for real, not just virtually. This also demonstrates that you have a proactive nature. You cannot afford to be shy. In fact shyness is something high-flyers simply don’t possess. They will not have gotten where they are today by hiding.

Thirdly, if you are aiming for serious career movement then it’s vital you optimise your LinkedIn profile. If you don’t have a LinkedIn profile then get one and start building those circles.LinkedIn is the premier business network and is the best chance you have of finding those openings you crave.


By Henry Macclesfield

Henry, who coincidentally lives in Macclesfield, is Head of Recruitment Advisors at He specialises in CV Formats, Career Development and Recruitment Interview Techniques.  Other recommended reading – Three Ways to Select The Very Best Candidates for Your Vacancies.

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