Engage with others via blogging

One of the ways to interact with your customers that can benefit your business is blogging.  Your blog can be the voice of your company and a platform for interesting discussions which will in turn attract more followers.  The more your blog, the more following you will acquire.  Read on to see how you can use this powerful tool.


Find out your customers likes and dislikes

As you start writing and sharing various articles or stories, you will soon find out what attract or repels your readers.  One way of checking is by monitoring your analytics and observing comments made on each story written. This helps you discard stale content and replace it with fresh or more up to date content.


Use the blog to be the source of expertise

The blog can be an added bonus that you offer to your customer, an extension of the product that they already have bought.  You can offer solutions to problems, give expert advice, offer solutions to specific problems and be a great source of useful information.  By offering quality content to your readers, you will harness their loyalty.  Some of the best blogs have a question and answer section and customers can often find a solution to their problem.






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Be creative

Blogging doesn’t mean writing all of the time.  Some blogs have very few written content and are all about images or even videos.  If this is your kind of blog, it may be worth thinking about adding a Pinterest button to your blog so that others can share your images on other platforms.  Sometimes, the best way to reach out to customer is to do it through a video.  Open a YouTube business channel that your customers or followers can subscribe to.  web design cheltenham can advise you on how to put links below the video that link back to a written blog or website.


Allow discussion

Try and interact with your customer by allowing them to leave comments on your blog.  This may sound a bit risky at first as you never know what people may write but this will give you an opportunity to communicate directly with your customers and perhaps even offer suggestions on other topics or products.  When you leave the lines of communication open, you build trust with your website or blog users and customer will be more inclined to buy your products.


Make your content unique

In order to ensure that your readers come back to your blog, you need to have content that is both informative and original.  Unique content will stand out from the rest that is already being posted across the net and it is worth doing a little bit of research on your topic to see if you can come up with a more interesting angle.  You have to make sure that your content is still relevant to your industry and doesn’t deviate from your product too much


Blogging can be fun and also time consuming. If you feel that you do not have time to write on a regular basis, you could always hire somebody to write for you on a weekly basis.

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